Complete RFID customizations:

Because we manufacture our RFID tags from chip-level to finished product in one facility, we tailor each tag to your exact specifications and ensure they are constructed with the highest-grade material under the strictest ISO 9001:2000 quality control standards.  Our solutions are focused on delivering performance for real world applications in unique and challenging environments.

Tag Manufacturing Capabilities
Tamperco is a vertically integrated manufacturer of RFID antennas, inlays and labels. With expertise in rapid custom antenna design, along with both standard and non-standard products, Tamperco creates options for any RFID application.

Custom Antenna Design
Because every RFID application is different, we offer custom antenna design services.  With turnaround times as short as four weeks, our team of experienced RF engineers will work with you to design, develop and manufacture custom antennas for your unique application.  

Antenna Manufacturing
We use a variety of materials including silver, copper and aluminum to produce inlays, and our high-speed processes allow us to manufacturing billions of antennas annually.  In addition to manufacturing custom antenna designs,  we manufacture popular form factors from Impinj and Symbol Technologies. 

Inlay Assembly
Tamperco's vertically integrated manufacturing processes enable better cost control on components, driving costs down, and allowing a highly competitive inlay offering.  Choose from a wide selection of more than 40 UHF and HF inlays.

Custom Converting
Unlimited combinations of chips, antennas and laminated RFID products, built to fit any application.  

Industry Leading Quality Control
Tamperco's rigorous quality control processes and standards us to produce a high-volume of reliable tags without compromising quality, delivering 99% good tags, guaranteed!


Supply Chain Management
Tracking of inventory throughout the supply chain to allow for higher visibility and control of goods as they move from manufacturer to retailer to consumer

Parking & Access Control
Provides improved convenience, control and security in parking, gated communities and other applications requiring the latest in access control technology

Asset Tracking
Solutions designed to maximizing loss prevention and provide organizations with unprecedented asset visibility

Cashless Payment
Cashless payment solutions for applications ranging from the purchase of gasoline, mass transit, vending machines and corporate kitchens, to fast food restaurants and payment systems for tolling solutions

Near Field Communications
Short-range wireless connectivity technology allowing devices to interact with one another enabling the sharing of information as well as fast and secure payments

Automatic Vehicle Identification
Use of a tag to identify the vehicle to gain access to restricted areas such as parking or gated communities and to allow for electronic payment of tolls


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