Tamper Evident Labels

We offer the largest selection of tamper proof and security films in the market from Tamper Indicating films to Destructible Films in different colors, film thickness and adhesive technologies from standard office applications to military grade and temperature resistant application.

Hologram Security Labels

Hologram labels provides manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents. Our self-adhesive tamper evident security hologram labels provide security, authentication and protection against counterfeit.

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Security Tape

Security tape rolls, often referred to as "Void Tape", "Carton Security Tape" or "Evidence Tape", can be supplied in your specified width and length; standard size rolls are 2"' wide and 60 yards in length. The standard message is "OPENED". The security tape offers a new way to secure packages in transit.


We tailor each tag to your exact specifications and ensure they are constructed with the highest-grade material under the strictest ISO 9001:2000 quality control standards.

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Most orders are shipped within 3 days after its placed. Orders over 50,000 labels may require a few more days. We will estimate delivery dates for custom or large orders.
30 day return policy
Our products are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the performance of our products we will refund the full cost including shipping.
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Every product we ship is traceable and insured. We confirm via email every order when shipped and provide tracking information





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